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Month: December 2020

Automobile Detailing – How to Detail Your Car’s Interior

As a car owner, you try to do everything you can to keep your car looking good and working well. You take it to the specialist for professional automobile detailing every now and then. You keep your regular maintenance and tune-up appointments to make sure that all the component parts are working at peak performance. You vacuum and dust the interior to get rid of unwanted dirt that may have accumulated over time.

These little car care chores extend your vehicle’s life and serviceability. However, you don’t always need to call in professionals to do the job for you. Proper maintenance also involves doing simple car detailing tasks on your own to ensure that your car is functioning at its best.

Why Should You Perform Interior Detailing?

There are many reasons why you should make interior detailing a regular habit. Apart from the fact that a dirty cabin looks bad and smells even worse, it can also create functionality problems with your vehicle. Dirt-streaked windows and mirrors may substantially obscure your view of the road, making driving a riskier activity, especially at night. Grit, dust, and grime can also get inside your buttons and switches and cause them to fail when you need them most.

Automobile detailing goes beyond simply picking up food containers, paper, and other trash that may have accumulated inside your car. You also have to pay special attention to your car’s trim and upholstery to take out stains and mend rips.

Steps To Do Car Detailing On Your Own

You don’t really need fancy equipment or special tools to clean your car’s interior. While it is true that there are many sensitive components and materials found in every car, do-it-yourself detailing is pretty easy if you know what to detail and how to do it. Automobile detailing makes your car’s safety and protection of their priority, so you should also do the same thing.

Try these simple steps to interior car detailing:

Vacuuming – use a machine that has an extension hose and smaller attachments that allow you to pick up dust and dirt even in the most cramped corners of your car’s interior. Start with the roof so that fallen particles can still be picked up as you move to the seats and the carpet.

Wipe down the dashboard and console – there are many different cleaning products you can use for just about every type of car interior material, so be sure to buy the product that’s most appropriate for your vehicle. At any rate, use a soft, non-abrasive cleaning mitt to apply the product and wipe down the interior surfaces of your car.

Clean the door jambs and panels – Use a toothbrush and a mild soapy water solution to thoroughly clean door handles, pulls, and window cranks. Use a wash mitt to scrub away crud that may have collected on the storage pockets and built-in ashtrays. Wipe down the entire door frame with the cleaning solution and dry it off completely with a soft towel.

Apply final touches – If you use leather for your car seats and panels, you can use a conditioner to give these surfaces a clean, glossy finish. You may also want to use a car freshener after the detailing is done to keep your car’s interior smelling fresh longer.

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