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COVID-19 Update: Business Expansion

Across the country these past several days, you have come to our stores to buy the car parts that are so valuable at a time like this. We remain determined to continue to serve you and are announcing today our business expansion. We’re pleased to announce our online shopping store.

Beginning Sunday, March 29, we will offer contactless curbside service. Rather than ask you to come into our stores, any items you order on will be delivered to your car curbside. If, for any reason, you didn’t order the product in advance and the product is in stock in the store, one of our employees will be more than happy to go get it in the store and sell it to you while you remain in your car. This service also extends to returns and exchanges, the period for which has been extended on most products so that you have more time. Only employees will be allowed in the store, but we are determined to serve you as fully as we can. Unfortunately, we are temporarily unable to continue our product trade-in and recycling services. 

Speaking of our employees, everyone working right now is doing so on a voluntary basis, and all hourly employees who volunteer are receiving a temporary pay increase. Additionally, anyone feeling sick is told to stay home, and they will be paid for that time. Finally, anyone exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 is also told to stay home, with pay, and we are paying employees who may need to stay home to care for their children. 

All of us at Car Parts Broker are grateful that so many states and localities believe we are an essential business, allowing us to continue to serve you when you need it most. We thank you for your patience and loyalty and look forward to continuing to provide you with the technology and home essentials you require to stay connected and work and learn from home. Thank you. 

Additionally, we would like to thank ““. We have been extremely inspired by them!